Houseplants can boost your health

5 Ways Houseplants Can Boost Your Health

Houseplants are a common feature in many homes, providing colour, injecting a bit more life into our rooms, as well as reflecting our tastes and personalities. But did you know that they also have benefits for our health too? If there was ever a better excuse for adding some greenery to our home, these 5 reasons should give you plenty of justification to head to your nearest garden centre.


1.They make great anti-pollutants

Our homes can fill with different chemicals such as formaldehyde which is contained in a number of common household products such as toilet paper, kitchen roll, cleaning products, etc. In a recent episode of BBC Two’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor, it was found that houseplants could purify the air and absorb the chemicals emitted from our household products, as well as those that come from mould, bacteria and pollen which make their way onto our clothes and furnishings. This is in addition to the absorption of carbon dioxide, making it easier for us to breathe.2.They make great alternatives to chemical air freshener.


2.They make great alternatives to chemical air fresheners

Chemical air fresheners, whilst smell great can have an effect on our breathing and the air quality – as well as causing problems for those who have allergies. Some plants such as dwarf kaffir lime trees, have a natural scent which smells fresh and citrusy and makes a great addition to your kitchen or living room. The leaves also make a fantastic ingredient for curries! Rosemary is also another popular herb which people keep potted in their homes to add a natural, homely fragrance.


3. Breathe easier with nature’s humidifier

Having plants in your home makes a great natural humidifier, as plants release around 97% of the water they take in, adding to the moisture content of the air in your home. Having adequate moisture in your home’s air helps to reduce the likelihood of dry coughs, sore throats and dry skin, helping you feel better when you are in your home.


4. They can help boost your concentration

A recent study by the University of Michigan has shown that houseplants can help boost concentration by as much as 20%. So if you’re revising for a test or you’re struggling to concentrate at work, it might be worth surrounding yourself with a few plants. They not only provide a calming influence which helps to improve your concentration, but their increased oxygen production helps ensure your brain stays engaged and focused. Working outside amongst trees and plant life can also help you to focus in the same way.


5. Plants could help aid workplace satisfaction

A 2014 study by Cardiff and Exeter Universities found that ‘green’ offices which feature more plants can help boost the happiness of staff, as well as making them more productive by as much as 15%. Workplace satisfaction levels amongst others were monitored in two large offices in the UK and the Netherlands and showed that people were generally more satisfied in ‘greener’ offices. This is because plants help workers feel more ‘physically, cognitively and emotionally involved in their work’, and has led to plans for a ‘smart office’ design to boost office working.

With many plants and their leaves having multiple uses for your home, making sure you have a houseplant or two around could have benefits you’d never considered. Brighten up your home with some new houseplants and see how they could benefit you – just don’t forget to water them!