health benefits of dance

6 Health Benefits Of Dance

Dancing can be a fun way to spend a night out, to make the housework more fun and even blow off some steam. As a form of movement, it’s a great way to get your heartrate up and burn some calories. Why not get inspired by this year’s Strictly Come Dancing and learn more about the health benefits of dance?

1. It boosts your cardiovascular health

Dancing is a form of exercise that works your lungs and heart. By increasing your heart rate, you can help to build a stronger heart and lungs, helping your body to become fitter. Dancing for prolonged periods can help boost your fitness, while also helping to build up your stamina for other forms of exercise.

2. The health benefits of dance can help you lose weight

Many people find exercise a chore, so it can be difficult to believe that something fun and enjoyable like dancing can help you lose weight. However, dancing can be an excellent calorie burner, and there are several dance moves that also count as exercise. Different types of dance burn different amounts of calories, and the quicker you move the more you’ll burn. If you’re looking for a fun way to lose weight, dancing can be a great activity to help you shed the pounds.

3. It can build stronger muscles

Another physical benefit of dancing is that it can help you build stronger muscles. Dancing can require strength as well as using multiple parts of your body to sustain moves, hold a partner and balance. Dancing can be taken at your own pace, so if you don’t have much strength right now, dance could help you to get stronger and improve muscle tone.

4. It can improve your flexibility

There are several exercises that can help boost your flexibility, and dancing is one of them. Certain types of dancing, such as ballet, are particularly effective for improving flexibility, and is something you can develop over time. Dancing is a good exercise for older people too, with experts recommending it to improve posture and flexibility as well as boosting energy levels.

5. It’s an excellent mood booster

Dancing around your kitchen or on a night out with friends can be a good mood booster, which is great if you’re feeling down or in need of a lift. There are many mental health benefits of dance, as with many forms of exercise, so dance to release those endorphins that help boost your mood.

6. It can improve feelings of isolation

Dance can be a good way to meet new people. By taking up a dance class in your local community, you can get introduced to new people of all ages, helping you to develop social connections. Isolation can be a serious issue for many people, but finding ways to get out and meet others can help. Doctors are ‘prescribing’ dance and other social activities as a way to help tackle loneliness among patients, which can be seen in as many as five people a day by GPs.

If you’re interested in taking dance classes in East Berkshire, there are many classes on offer that can help you get fit and active while introducing you to new people. Netmums has a fantastic list of classes for children and adults, Nocturn delivers some great classes in the evenings to fit around work and home life, while Bracknell Leisure CentreEast Berkshire College and Windsor Leisure Centre have great fitness classes which include some dance-based classes like Zumba.

If you’re feeling isolated or are concerned about your mental health, be sure to talk to your GP. They can offer you help and advice, and the sooner you make an appointment, the sooner you can get help.