Sleep during the summer months

8 Tips for sleeping during the summer months

Summer can be a difficult time for our sleeping habits. From the extra hours of sunlight peeking in through the windows, to our tendencies to stay up later and be out longer. There are many things that can affect our sleeping pattern during the summer. What affects us most however, is the heat. As many of us do not possess air conditioning, we have to use a bit of initiative and these tried and tested ideas will hopefully help you do just that, helping us get to some sleep during those hot summer nights.


Top tips for getting a restful night’s sleep during the summer months


1. Choose lightweight bed linen

Your bed linen can make a considerable difference to how you sleep in the summer and just as you would your clothes, you should choose lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton to sleep in. You may also wish to swap your heavy tog duvet for a lightweight one, with some ‘temperature control’ varieties also available to help you get a more restful sleep whatever the weather.


2. Freeze your bedsheets

You can get some temporary relief from the heat by putting your sheets in a bag and then freezing them for up to half an hour before you go to bed. You can also dampen your sheets slightly with some water in a spray bottle. The effect may not be long lasting but may be enough to help you drift off. An alternative would be to put a hot water bottle in the freezer to help keep you cool.


3. Open your windows and bedroom door

Letting some air into your bedroom can help to make it cooler before you settle in for bed. Open your windows when you get home and then close them when you’re ready to go to sleep – you can leave your bedroom door open to keep the air circulating.


4. Keep plenty of water to hand

Some ice cold water before bed can help you cool down and make it easier for you to drift off. Keep some close by too so that you can hydrate throughout the night. You could always freeze a bottle of water and take it out to place by your bed for continuous cold water throughout the night.


5. Be clever with your fan

Fans can be notorious for simply circulating the existing warm air, without helping to keep you cool. One way to change that is to put a bowl of water in front of it and let it blow the cold air from that instead.


6. Take a cool shower

A cool shower is a great way to bring your body temperature down before bed, as well as making you feel more comfortable. Getting rid of the sweat and dirt before you get into bed can make a big difference to how you sleep in the heat, and help you feel more refreshed.


7. Avoid food and alcohol late at night

During the summer we all tend to stay out later, with barbeques, drinks in the beer garden and entertaining on the patio giving us plenty of reasons to socialise. Drinking and eating so close to bedtime however can make it difficult to sleep, so try to leave at least two hours between your last drink and going to bed.


8. Cool your home down

Different lights and electronics can cause heat to build up in your home. Cool things down by turning the lights, TV and other devices off well before you head to bed and try to avoid watching TV in the bedroom whilst it’s particularly hot.

Keeping cool during hot weather can be difficult, but it’s important that you do what you can to ensure a good night’s sleep. It’s also important that you stay hydrated, as dehydration can cause a number of complications. Read the NHS’ guide to staying hydrated here.