Allergy awareness wristbands

Allergy Awareness Wristbands: What You Need To Know

Whilst allergies come in all shapes and forms, they also come with a number of serious consequences for sufferers, with some allergies proving life-threatening. Should an attack happen, be it at school, work or a public place, a wristband identifying the type of allergy the individual has or simply alerting those around them, could help save their lives. As allergy awareness wristbands become more popular, understanding their benefits and uses could ensure that they become more widespread and make the way we deal with allergy sufferers more effective.


What is an allergy awareness wristband?

Allergy awareness wristbands follow the same concept as other types of medical wristband which are used to alert conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions and others. They are designed to alert others to the allergies of the individual, and are becoming extremely vital for medical professionals such as paramedics and doctors who can easily identify a patient’s needs from their bracelet. This enables them to offer the right treatment without causing further harm to those with a penicillin or latex allergy for example.


Why use an allergy awareness wristband?

There are many reasons why you should consider wearing an allergy awareness wristband if you have an allergy, especially if it’s a serious one. Not only are they useful for emergency situations, but they are also good for children and vulnerable people who may not be able to communicate their allergies to others. Common examples of where an allergy awareness wristband could be useful include:

  • Latex allergies – by indicating that you have a latex allergy, you can ensure that medical professionals use latex alternatives when treating you.
  • Medication allergies – if you’re in a situation where you’re not conscious and unable to explain your allergy, an awareness bracelet can help identify an allergy to penicillin or other medication that can avoid a life-threatening situation.
  • Food allergies – individuals with food allergies may experience an unexpected reaction, and a bracelet could be what helps them get treatment in time.

Allergy awareness wristbands can be customisable, meaning that information can be added and taken away at any time as a person’s condition changes. Even electronic health monitors can store data about allergies, so if you already own one of these devices or have health apps on your smartphone, you might want to consider filling in your allergy information on these as well.


Further information about allergies and wristbands

There are a number of websites where you can buy allergy awareness wristbands, including brands that ship internationally. These include MedicAlert, a registered charity which supports the use of medical bracelets to help medical professionals to provide the best care for patients.

If you have questions or concerns about an allergy, your GP should be able to advise you. There are also many online resources featuring information about allergies, including NHS Choices, whilst organisations such as Allergy UK offer advice and support to allergy sufferers.