Are Fragrances Bad for Health?

fragrances bad for health

Fragrances have become part of everyday life. From spraying air fresheners in our home to using fragranced beauty products and toiletries, it seems we all love to smell good. But could fragrances be bad for our health?

It’s no secret that most fragrance products feature artificial ingredients, including chemicals that help to prolong pleasant smells. We’re exposed to these products all the time, but many of us give no thought to the potential damage they cause. So what’s the truth?

Are fragrances bad for health?

Those who suffer from hay fever or sinus conditions may already be sensitive to certain fragrances, while others may suffer headaches and migraines after using strongly scented products. In the U.S., more and more people have raised concerns about the chemicals found in perfumes and other products, citing the negative impact they could be having on health.

It’s difficult to know just how bad certain products are for us, as the formulas of most colognes and perfumes are kept secret due to fierce competition. However, certain fragrances have been known to cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions and skin health problems, so the secretive nature of the fragrance market could actually be harming us.

While there isn’t much research around the impact of fragrance on health currently, it is something to be mindful of, especially if you’re limiting your exposure to chemicals in general.

Many of us now opt for natural or chemical-free cleaning products, but we’re not extending the same consideration to our toiletries and beauty products. If you’re concerned that fragrances are bad for health, then it might be time to eliminate them from your bathroom cabinets.

Limiting your exposure to fragrances

If you want to reduce your exposure to fragrances, there are steps you can take. You can opt for fragrance-free shampoos, conditioners, body washes and even deodorants. Many cosmetic companies are now making fragrance-free products, so it has never been easier to find healthier alternatives.

In the office, you could explain the negative impact of fragrances and ask employees or colleagues not to wear strong perfumes or aftershaves at work. Ultimately, however, there is only so much you can do to control your exposure in shared environments.

Using natural, clean alternatives

There are many natural alternatives to fragranced products. More and more companies are releasing products that contain natural fragrances that will still smell great, without the use of chemicals.

In your home, you can use flowers and plants for natural fragrance, as well as using clean alternatives to cleaning products, candles and air fresheners.

Taking positive steps to improve your health can help you live a better lifestyle and prevent problems in the future. While not a lot is known about whether fragrances are bad for health, it doesn’t do you harm to cut more chemicals out of your life.

It’s  important to know how to care for your skin after an allergic reaction and to get medical help by dialling 111 if your reaction gets worse or you have difficulty breathing. For more self-care tips and health news, remember to stay up to date with the EBPCOOH blog.