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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month – How To Enjoy Clean Eating

April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and as we’re nearing the end of the campaign, you’re likely to have seen a lot of news and articles about improving your bowel health. With bowel cancer being the UK’s second deadliest cancer, it’s important that you take care of your bowel health. One of the best ways to improve your bowel is to practice healthy eating, and clean eating is becoming an increasingly popular way to ensure a healthy digestive system.

What is clean eating?

Clean eating is easier than it sounds, and doesn’t involve a particular diet or cleanse. The term ‘clean eating’ refers to the practice of eating foods that are unprocessed, and remain as close to their natural state as possible. Using natural ingredients while cooking can help you enjoy clean eating, meaning you’ll rely far less on ready meals and takeaways.

Tips for how to enjoy clean eating

You can enjoy clean eating in a number of ways, and it’s much easier than you think. Clean eating is not a diet – you’re not restricting your calorie intake or reducing the number of carbohydrates you eat. Instead, you’re cutting out the unnecessary, salt, sugar and fat that can be found in processed foods and are out of your control. You can enjoy clean eating with a number of suggestions, including:

Cook all of your meals yourself

When you buy a pasta dish or a curry from a supermarket, you’ll find that there are a lot of ingredients listed on the back of the packet. If you were to make the same meal yourself – you’d use far fewer ingredients, and know exactly what you’re eating. Cooking meals from scratch puts you in control and enables you to put in the ingredients you would choose to eat.

Stock up on fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables can make it easier to stick to a healthier way of eating, and are essential ingredients in most dishes. Having plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in the house will give you more variety for cooking and snacking, making you far less likely to dig out the takeaway menu. If you’re worried about food waste, you could always buy frozen or tinned fruit and vegetables to save waste and reduce your preparation time.

Shop online to avoid temptation

When you head to the supermarket, it’s easy to get sucked in by those middle aisles and pick up lots of snacks and pre-prepared foods that are full of refined or artificial ingredients. Shopping online can help you maintain more discipline with your diet and grocery shop – allowing you to focus only on getting healthy food.

Reduce your sugar intake

If you’re concerned that you’re eating too much sugar, make a conscious effort to cut it from your diet. Some ways you can cut down on sugar in your diet include giving up sugary drinks, eating a more wholesome breakfast than common cereals, and avoiding sugar as a sweetener while cooking. There are natural sweeteners like honey that are great for teas and other foods, saving you from consuming unnecessary levels of sugar.

Keep healthy snacks at home

It’s easy to snack on processed foods – and many of these can make up your recommended daily salt or sugar intake in one serving. Choose healthy, more natural snacks (like these tasty 100-calorie snack ideas) instead.

A healthy diet and lifestyle is one of the best ways you can help reduce your risk of bowel cancer as well as many other types of cancers and diseases. Clean eating can help you keep your weight down, making sure that your body gets the nutrients it needs to get you through the day. If you suspect bowel cancer or have symptoms that you’re unsure of – book an appointment with your GP.

Spread awareness this Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and make an effort to start enjoying healthier eating.