Bowel Cancer Screening

Bowel Cancer Screening (October 2016)

  • Around one in 20 people in the UK develop bowel cancer
  • If bowel cancer is found early enough, there’s more than a 90 per cent chance of successful treatment
  • If you are aged 60 – 74 years old and haven’t received your free screening test kit, please contact 0800 707 60 60 or visit



Should you be screened for Bowel Cancer?

What is the purpose of bowel cancer screening?

You may feel fit and well on the outside but you can’t always tell what’s happening on the inside. Bowel cancer screening aims to detect bowel cancer at an early stage when treatment is more likely to be effective.

The method used by the NHS Bowel Screening Programme is a simple test which you complete over a few days in the privacy of your own home.


Why take part?

The message is simple – the later a diagnosis is made, the more difficult bowel cancer is to treat. If you have been invited to take part in bowel cancer screening, make sure you do it, it could save your life.

For your free NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Kit, please contact 0800 707 60 60 or visit

bowel cancer screening kit


Signs of Bowel Cancer



Additional Information on Bowel Cancer and Bowel Cancer Screening