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  • How to get tested – Cervical Cancer Prevention

    Cervical screening is safe, quick and always conducted by a female clinician. Women aged 25- 50 are invited to a screening every 3 years- those above 50 every 5- don’t delay, if you are due your cervical screening test book now.  

  • How to self examine my breasts – Cancer Prevention

    It is very important to do a self-examination once a month to detect any changes in your breasts. Knowing your breasts and what is normal for you can help you spot anything unusual quickly, so that you can report it to your GP.  

  • Don’t wait to get tested – Bowel Cancer Prevention

    Screening before symptoms are present is important. Those aged over 60 can get a free home testing kit in the post- the test is quick, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Always see your GP if you have symptoms of bowel cancer at any age.  

  • sexual dysfunction

    Sexual Dysfunction: Where to Get Advice

    Most men and women experience sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives. Sexual health clinics provide much-needed support in this area, helping to improve wellbeing, strengthen family relationships and treat fertility problems. However, cuts to sexual services could leave thousands without support, leading to further potential problems for the NHS and its patients. About…

  • National Walking Month

    National Walking Month: How it Boosts Health

    Warmer weather and lighter evenings provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate May as National Walking Month and get more active. Walking is fun, free and doesn’t require any specialist equipment or training. Walking and being active in general helps to improve cardiovascular fitness and reduce risk factors for disease, such as: Cholesterol High blood pressure…