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Comfy Shoes at the Ready – May is National Walking Month!

“Better shape and a clearer head are two positive effects of walking for just 20 minutes each day”

Country Living



We are already a few days into it, and hopefully most of you have already donned your comfiest shoes and braved the unpredictable May weather. If you didn’t know, though, May is National Walking Month, an initiative by Living Streets to get the nation walking.


Why is Walking So Good For You?


National Walking Month is being held to highlight the health benefits of walking – physical, mental and spiritual. Living Streets want to see as many people as possible swap four wheels for two feet this month and to find the joy in the simple, primal act of walking.


“Walking for just 20 minutes can burn up to 100 calories”

Living Streets


Walking has known health benefits. Walking for just 20 minutes a day, for example, can burn up to 100 calories. It improves your fitness, but it is also a great activity for a healthy and clear mind.


“88% of people surveyed last year saw an overall improvement in mood after going for a walk outside.”



Throughout the month of May, Living Streets will be offering tips, fun facts and inspirational stories, and a whole host of activities that you can get involved in – not only to get the great British public walking more, but to get them enjoying it, too! So why not work some walking into your daily commute this May, or take the kids out for a nature walk. Who knows, you might feel so great that walking will become a habit you just can’t break!


“If everyone in England walked for just 20 minutes a day we would save 137,000 lives and save the economy billions of pounds.

Living Streets Chief Executive Joe Irvine


Want to follow National Walking Month on Twitter? Tweet using the hashtag #WalkThisMay.