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Dementia Volunteers Boost Research

Last week the National Institute For Health Research reported that there had been a 60% increase in the number of people volunteering for dementia research. According to new figures, nearly 22,000 people volunteered to help further the research into finding a cure for dementia last year.

Over the past year, the institute reports that 100 research projects have taken place throughout the UK in areas such as the effects of antibiotics, the role of the immune system and genetics. Work has also been carried out to improve end of life care for dementia sufferers.

At present, 850,000 people have dementia in the UK, but this figure is expected to rise to over 2 million by 2051. Dementia is a debilitating disease that is often traumatic for both patients and their loved ones. Its symptoms include memory loss, forgetfulness and losing the ability to communicate.

It is hoped that the clinical trials and projects that volunteers throughout the country are taking part in will provide modified means of care and therapy by 2025. Professionals in the field are also confident that the rise in the number of people coming forward and showing their support will increase awareness and further empower those effected by the illness.


“Traditionally it has been difficult to identify the right people for the right study at the right time, but Join Dementia Research is streamlining this process and we are already seeing the benefits of this boost in volunteers for research.”

Department of Health


Have you been effected by dementia? Perhaps you would like to become part of this growing team of volunteers? If you do, you can sign up to Join Dementia Research and get involved in any of the 51 research studies currently open to participants.

Dementia research is likely to see an increase in funding and even more volunteers over the coming years, so never has there been a better time to get involved.

To find out more about future developments and plans in the area of dementia, you can have a look at the Dementia 2020 Challenge.

The $100m Dementia Discovery Fund has also provided a huge boost for innovative research, from government, private and charity organisations paving the way for new drugs and treatments.

To learn more about dementia and how it effects the brain, visit NHS Choices.