St Marks Hospital Urgent Care Centre

The urgent care centre at St Marks Hospital runs alongside the outpatient’s department and is staffed by highly trained nurses.

The urgent care centre provides a real alternative to accident and emergency for minor injuries and ailments. You may be referred by your GP or NHS 111 operative, but you do not need an appointment you can just turn up.

The UCC can provide treatment for a range of conditions such as:

Strains and sprains or suspected broken bones
Minor head injuries
Minor scalds and burns
Bites and stings
Fever, vomiting and diarrhoea
If you are unsure whether an urgent care centre is right for you, you can dial 111 and speak to an operative regarding your symptoms.

How to find us

The urgent care centre is located in the outpatients department in St Mark’s Hospital.

Follow the driveway round to the left towards the overflow carpark. The unit is accessed from this car park.

St. Mark’s Hospital
Out Patients Department
St. Marks Road