Confused about what medicines to take when?

Do’s & Dont’s: Taking Multiple Medicines At Once

Medicines are a crucial part of medical treatment. We know that it can be hard enough to manage taking one medication – knowing when you should take it and how much – let alone multiple medicines at once.

It is important that medicines are taken at the correct time of day to have the maximum effect, and that they are taken in the correct dose and combination. Medicines can interact with each other in unexpected ways, so it’s important when taking multiple medicines to be extra careful, and consult your doctor or pharmacist if at all unsure.

For those of you who have a medical condition that requires you to take multiple medicines at the same time, read this guide to the dos and don’ts, to make sure you don’t cause yourself any harm.


Organise Your Medicines


If you have a medication regime that requires you to take multiple medicines at different times, then it is vital that you or your carer organise your medicines well. Dosette boxes are a great way to organize your pills by time and day, and will prevent any incorrect combinations or dosages. Keep your medicines in a safe place that is convenient for daily access. Consult the labels on each medicine box or bottle, and make sure the instructions are displayed clearly somewhere.


Make A Medicines List


In the event of an accident or admittance to hospital, it is vital that the doctor is fully aware of your medication regime. Compile an up-to-date and comprehensive list of every medication that you take, including painkillers and herbal remedies. This allows your health professionals to keep track of your current medicine intake, so that they can avoid any risky or harmful drug interactions. You or your carer should keep your medicine list on you at all times.




If you are taking a cocktail of prescription drugs, DON’T mix alcohol with your daily medication intake unless a doctor tells you it is okay to do so. Alcohol and medication can be a lethal mix, and can cause serious health problems if not managed carefully. 


Tell Your Doctor


As often as possible, make your doctor aware of any changes to your medication regime, and seek advice before stopping taking any of your medicines or taking any new ones. The side effects of unbalanced drug combinations can be extremely unpleasant and harmful, so don’t make any changes without seeking medical advice before hand.

If you are in any doubt, or have experienced an adverse reaction to your medication, contact one of our out-of-hours services in East Berkshire as soon as possible. Click here for the full details.