GP Training

Educational Half Days for Surgeries

East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Groups are committed to providing the best in primary care to our patients. As such, we offer Educational Half Days for surgeries, which provide all staff who work in East Berkshire surgeries with a half day training opportunity.


By asking local GP’s to attend training we can ensure that they are able to enhance their work in practice by keeping up to speed with the very latest in medical advancements and new guidelines in specific health areas. Surgeries have recently taken place in the areas of Dermoscopy, diagnosing ear, nose and throat complaints and End of Life Care.


During these periods, we provide a telephone answering service for patients who call the surgeries. If they need urgent access to a doctor, the telephone operator will direct the caller to the surgery’s on-call doctor so they can provide medical advice and assistance over the phone. They will assess the patient’s symptoms so that they can provide the best possible advice on where they need to go and what they need to do next.


If you would like to know when training occurs for your GP, contact your local surgery and they will be able to advise.