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Fitness Trends 2017


It’s the start of a new year and, for many of us, this is the perfect time for brand new beginnings and finally making those healthy changes we’ve been planning for months. In fact, the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions revolve around becoming healthier, whether it’s exercise, losing weight or eating a better diet. Unfortunately though, studies show that 66% of us break these resolutions within just one month of January 1st and a massive 86% fail to keep our new, positive changes going throughout the entire year.

One of the main reasons so many of us slip up and give up on those annual aspirations is that we see them as gruelling tasks. Let’s face it, once the excitement of the New Year has worn off- are you still going to love the idea of waking up a few hours before work to sweat it out at the gym or to jog along the main road on an icy cold morning?


Fitness trends with a difference

These days, the number of new and exciting ways you can keep fit is constantly increasing. Just like the runways of Paris or Milan, the world of health and exercise is constantly following brand new fashions, which means that there is always a whole host of fantastic new fitness trends to try.

A few years ago, smoothie makers and pilates were all the rage. But what will be the new fitness trends to emerge in 2017? Here are five of our top predictions.




Boxing is what it’s all about at the moment and this fitness trend is set to get even bigger in 2017. From singers to supermodels, hundreds of celebrities have started showing off their boxing work-out prowess on social media and hoards of fans are following suit.

The ancient sport of boxing has had quite a glamorous makeover since its transformation from a fighting furore to trusted exercise regime. Nowadays, just about everyone of every level of fitness can jump into the ring at boutique boxing studios, gym beginner classes or more traditional boxing gyms.

If the thought of going toe-to-toe with an opponent in the ring sounds unappealing, don’t worry. Many fitness studios offer no-contact boxing training for fitness fanatics who would rather focus on the health and confidence-boosting aspects of the sport.


Strength Training


Just like boxing, the reputation of weight-lifting and strength training has had a real turnaround in recent times. This tough form of exercise was once viewed as quite a macho pastime and purely as a way to bulk up with big muscles.

However, strength training is a style that suits everyone of every body shape, size and gender who wants to challenge themselves and become fitter and stronger. In fact, this fitness trend has even prompted several social media campaigns encouraging women to aim for ‘fit’ rather than ‘thin’ and ‘strong’ instead of ‘skinny’.

Keep an eye out for lifting groups in your local area, weight lifting sessions at your gym, or even buy some equipment yourself and follow online classes if you’re keen to really make a difference to the way you look and feel in 2017.


Fitness Tracking


If you follow fitness trends even slightly, then you’ll be aware of the huge rise in fitness trackers. A few years ago, we had to make do with pedometers which merely counted the number of steps we took. Now, thanks to brands such as Fitbit, these handy little devices can encourage healthy eating, monitor sleep habits, track different types of exercise, and much more.

Fitness tracking devices and apps are showing no signs of slowing down in 2017; in fact, they are set to become even bigger and better. Many more people who want to get serious about their health are expected to purchase one in the upcoming year to measure their progress.

Thanks to this surge in popularity, fitness trackers will continue to improve in 2017. Futuristic advances we can expect to see in this industry include a greater focus on heart-rate tracking and more specific calorie counting technology.




You might think that mindfulness seems out of place in an article about fitness, but think again. Self-reflection, mindfulness and meditation have been at the forefront of culture in 2016 and now they are set to become big news in the health and fitness world too.

The concept of mindfulness has recently reached gyms up and down the country and is expected to become mainstream in 2017. After all, working out is all about taking time out to take care of yourself. Exercise is a great way to deal with stress and calm your mind. From rooftop yoga to candlelight pilates classes, mindfulness is expected to make a big entrance in gyms and work-out sessions in 2017.


Live-Stream Classes


Just like fitness trackers, live-stream exercises make use of the very latest technological innovations to bring fun and forward-thinking fitness trends forward. More and more fitness instructors and gyms are ditching the DVD work-outs in favour of live-streaming.

Since groups like Facebook and YouTube have launched live-streaming options, health and fitness organisations have caught on to the popularity of this platform. At the moment you can find spin classes, yoga and cardio classes available for live stream, but experts expect this fitness trend to become much more widespread and common in the upcoming year.


Which Fitness Trend Will You Opt For in 2017?


If any of these future fitness trends sound appealing to you, this is the perfect time to give them a go. Remember that new and exciting forms of exercise are more accessible than ever before, so even if you start to get fed up of your new year’s jogging resolution, there is always a brand new form of keeping fit that you can explore.