World Diabetes Day

Get Involved In World Diabetes Day 2015 (WDD)

As one of the world’s most serious diseases, diabetes is a growing concern both in the UK and across the world. The 14th of November marks World Diabetes Day, an annual event dedicated to raising awareness and educating communities in order to cut down disease rates.

What is World Diabetes Day?

World Diabetes Day is an annual event to help educate people about the disease and make them more aware of the preventative measures they can take. It is organised by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), and has grown bigger and bigger each year. The event is marked through campaigns, activities, educational lectures and conferences and other events, with many ways in which you can take part.

Start the day right with World Diabetes Day 2015

The theme for this year’s World Diabetes Day is around healthy eating in a bid to prevent diabetes. According to the IDF, 70% of Type 2 diabetes cases can be prevented through a healthier diet. The key messages being promoted are:

Act to change your life today

Take positive steps towards changing your life today through healthy eating. A healthy diet is not only a key factor for managing diabetes, but can also prevent it.

Act to change the world tomorrow

As a global crisis, it is essential that we take steps to help people all over the world become aware of diabetes and its causes, through making sure that people have access to affordable, healthy food.

One of the key ways in which you can take a healthier approach to eating is by starting the day right with a healthy breakfast. This means ditching the sugary, fatty foods you’re used to eating each day, or skipping breakfast, and instead eating meals packed with protein, including eggs and oats. Protein rich foods will not only help you start the day off right, but will also help you feel fuller for longer, preventing mid-morning snacking.

The 14th of November is significant because it marks the birthday of one of the co-discoverers of insulin, Frederick Banting, who discovered the hormone in 1922, alongside Charles Best.

How to get involved this World Diabetes Day

If you’re interested in taking part in World Diabetes Day, there are a number of things you can do to get involved:

  • Take part online by promoting WDD online through your social media channels, by sharing infographics and other visuals or taking a ‘blue circle’ selfie.
  • Purchase a blue circle badge and wear it to show your support
  • Organise a WDD fundraising event
  • Encourage healthy eating initiatives at your workplace, your child’s school or your college/university
  • Keep an eye out for famous buildings around the world which are lit up in blue to celebrate WDD
  • You can also become a WDD advocate and do your bit to call on stakeholders, politicians and other influential figures to stand up and take notice.

However you decide to get involved with World Diabetes Day, be sure to share your efforts online and spread the word about diabetes. Take steps to eat healthier and enjoy a more active lifestyle in a bid to prevent the growing threat of diabetes. You can find out more information about WDD events in the UK by visiting the website. Remember that if you’re at all concerned about diabetes, monitor your symptoms and make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.