Getting fit while working

On Your Feet Britain – Can You Get Fit While Working?

Do you spend most of your days sat at your desk, with barely any movement? You’re not alone. Working culture in Britain means that many of us now live sedentary lifestyles, which is bad news for our health.

While your job might require you to be sat at a computer or desk all day, every day – that doesn’t mean that you can’t get moving at work. With the On Your Feet Britain Challenge taking place today, now is the time to get moving at work to help you live a fitter and more active lifestyle.

Getting fit while working

Having a desk job is no excuse for sitting down all day – even the smallest changes could make a difference to your lifestyle, helping you to tackle weight and health issues. Getting fit while working could include some of the following ideas:

Getting up from your desk hourly

Time can go by very quickly while you’re at your desk, and before you know it, the morning can disappear, while you haven’t moved an inch. Set an alert every hour to remind you to get moving – even doing a few steps can help. Fitness trackers can do this automatically, so if you’re serious about moving more, you might want to invest in one to help you out – or simply use the health app if you have an iPhone.

Do a lunchtime workout

Doing a workout during your lunch break can help break up the day and help you get fit. HIIT workouts generally take 20-30 minutes to complete and could help you burn a lot of calories by raising your heart rate and getting your body moving. If there’s a gym near your office, you could work out there – or use a safe space within your office to do some short body exercises. You’ll return to your desk much more energised while also feeling smug that you’ve burned off most of your lunch!

Take a lunchtime stroll

If a lunchtime workout isn’t your thing, get walking instead. An hour of walking can burn a lot of calories, helping you to reach your recommended daily activity level. Walk with a friend or use the time to catch up on some additional chores and tasks so that your time is productive.

Request a stand-up desk

Stand-up desks offer many benefits, and you’ll burn many more calories standing up than you would sitting down. An adjustable desk that gives you the freedom to do both is a great thing to have in the office, and will encourage you to keep moving throughout the day.

Take phone calls on the move

If you have a cordless phone or make calls from your mobile, then standing up and walking around to receive them can be a simple way to get moving during the day. Try to walk away from your colleagues so that you’re not a distraction, and walk to find some quiet corners at the far end of the office.

Stop emailing those who are right next to you

Are you guilty of emailing your colleague who sits right next to you, or in the office behind you? If so, stop emailing them and start getting up to talk to them instead. Doing this will help you to form better habits and stop you sitting at your desk for every minute of the day.

Being sat down all day can make you feel tired, sluggish and could affect your motivation to do other forms of activity. Try to motivate yourself by walking or cycling to work in the mornings to give you an energy boost first thing in the morning, or head to the gym to get a workout in. The more you move around during the day, the fitter you’ll be, so use the On Your Feet Britain Challenge as a kickstarter for changing your work habits and start getting fit while working today.