benefits of citrus

Health Benefits of Citrus

Citrus is a popular part of many people’s diets. From adding flavour to food and drink, to providing a healthy dose of vitamins, there are a lot of reasons to enjoy citrus. Discover the many health benefits of citrus and add a bit more zest into your life.

1. It’s a natural sweetener

Having too much sugar in your diet can lead to a number of effects on your health. Finding more natural sweet sources to replace added sugar can help you cut down on your sugar intake while still benefiting from natural flavours. Try adding some lemon or lime juice to your cooking to help complement the other flavours, and add orange to salads, breakfasts and other dishes to give you that extra sweetness.

2. It’s a rich source of fibre

You might not have realised it before, but citrus fruits are actually a great source of fibre. An orange, for example, could contain around 2.3 grams of fibre! As a lot of the fibre contained in fruit is soluble fibre, this is ideal for your digestive health. If you’re not getting enough fibre in your diet, you should consider eating more citrus fruit to help boost your intake.

3. It can help your heart health

Citrus fruits feature flavonoids, plant compounds which are often linked to lowering your risk of heart disease. There have been many studies around the impact of flavonoids found in green teas, etc. on heart health, and they could help lower your cholesterol too.

4. It’s great for low GI diets

A low GI diet can help reduce your blood sugar, lose weight and potentially reduce your risk of developing heart disease or diabetes. Citrus fruits have a low GI index, so if you’re looking for a healthy snack that won’t cause your blood sugar to spike, then snacking on some citrus fruits could help.

5. Benefits of citrus also include benefits for your skin

Vitamins have long been a key ingredient featured in skincare products, helping to nourish the skin from outside. Vitamin C in particular has some great benefits for your skin, helping it to produce collagen, brightening its appearance and helping to protect it from UV radiation that can cause premature ageing. Look out for products that contain vitamin C to help give your complexion a boost.

6. It can boost your immune system

You’re likely familiar with the benefits vitamins can have on your immune system. Many popular products for treating colds and flu are rich in vitamin C, helping to ward off viruses. While most of your recommended dose of vitamin C can be gained from your diet, many people take vitamin C supplements to make sure they’re getting the right amount.

7. It can help you stay hydrated

Citrus fruits can help you stay hydrated, as they are rich in water content. They are also very refreshing, which makes them perfect for the summer months, as well as a post-workout snack. Many people add citrus fruits to their water to encourage them to drink more throughout the day, adding a dash of natural flavour for those who don’t like their water plain. Pop some slices in the freezer for a simple natural ice cube too.

Citrus fruits can be a simple way to help boost your nutrition. By making them a regular part of your diet, you can enjoy the health benefits of citrus both inside and out. Remember, if you have any concerns about your diet, you should consult your GP, who can advise you on eating healthier as well as the right diet for any particular health concerns you might have.