Health Information Week

What is Health Information Week?

The 4th-10th July marks Health Information Week, an awareness week dedicated to alerting the public to where they can get reliable, good quality health information. Here at EBPCOOH, we are keen supporters of the week, as ensuring our patients know where they can access accurate health information helps people to practice self-care and ease the pressure on NHS health services. Knowing where to get reliable health information can also ensure that you don’t fall victim to the many misleading health sources which exist online.

About Health Information Week

Health Information Week is now in its 11th year, having first been launched in 2005. It is supported by a number of partners, and in particular, the NHS. The campaign was originally started in the West Midlands but has spread across the UK. The key aims of Health Information Week are to encourage people to seek health information from reliable sources, as well as how to find the most reliable information.

The campaign seeks to bring together a number of partners, be it local health services like ours to public libraries, pharmacies, local councils and more. By ensuring that people have access to the right health resources, it is hoped that there will be a number of positive outcomes, such as helping more people to quit smoking, reduce obesity, encourage more sensible drinking, ensure better knowledge of sexual health as well as raise more awareness for mental health.

Taking part

There are a number of ways people can take part in Health Information Week including sharing support via social media using hashtags such as #HealthInformationWeek and sharing links to valuable resources for healthcare. Your school, university or workplace can display leaflets and posters as well as promote reliable healthcare resources. You can also familiarise yourself with health information relevant to you, as well as sharing with others, particularly if you think there’s a specific area they should pay attention to.

Where to find reliable health information

Thanks to the internet it is now even easier to find reliable, informative health information covering a range of subjects. Some of the best resources for finding the best health resources include:

  • The NHS Choices website: With information on every health topic under the sun, you can be sure of some reliable information as well as links to where to get further information and support.
  • Your local GP surgery: As well as various leaflets and brochures on health-related topics, your GP will also be able to provide you with information about issues you’re concerned about.
  • Health charities: Health charities exist for a number of different health concerns, allowing you to find information and support about your specific topic.
  • World Health Organization: For information about global health issues, the WHO’s website is a reliable source, as well as offering information about different campaigns and worldwide health crises.
  • If you require urgent healthcare, be sure to contact your GP without delay. For non-emergency healthcare out of hours, call 111 and they can direct you to the most appropriate health resource, which in many cases could be us at East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours.

The right health information can help you to lose weight, quit smoking as well as treat minor illnesses – taking the time to find reliable sources is important, and if you’re ever in doubt, always consult a reliable health source like one of the ones listed above. Spread the word about Health Information Week and help us spread the message of self-care.