healthy eating

Why healthy eating is about more than just losing weight


Many people will embark on a healthy eating regime when they feel it is time for them to lose weight. However, healthy eating has so many more benefits than just helping us lose or maintain our weight. Healthy eating is a good way to practice self-care and to fuel our bodies correctly for all of life’s challenges. You might not have considered the other benefits of healthy eating before, and perhaps it’s time you did.

Why healthy eating is important

A healthy diet ensures that our bodies receive the right nutrition in order to carry out its basic functions. There are a number of recommended daily guidelines for how much different foods we should eat as well as recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals. A diet which strikes the right balance and ensures that the body gets everything you need will help keep your overall health in check.

Eating for energy

The food that we put in our bodies is what will provide the energy that helps us carry out day to day activities. The amount of energy a person needs varies according to factors like their height and weight as well as how active they are. The calories that we put into our body will be burned as an energy resource, and it’s the excess energy through eating too much that is unnecessary and eventually gets stored as fat. When you switch to a diet that is healthier and has a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats, you’ll start noticing a big change in your energy levels.

Eating for your appearance

While nourishing your body with healthy eating goes skin deep, the benefits of healthy eating will show on the outside too. A healthy diet encourages healthier skin, nails and hair which are stronger and glow with health. Eating the right foods can improve the condition of your skin to make it clearer and less greasy, while helping to keep it looking younger for longer too.

Eating to boost your immunity

There have been numerous studies to show that a poor diet can lead to diseases such as heart and liver disease, as well as cancer. Being overweight puts you at risk of many health conditions that could all be avoided through a healthier diet. Eating a diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables ensures a good intake of antioxidants which can help ward off a number of illnesses such as cold and flu viruses. Eating sugar-rich foods, fried foods and those that are high in saturated fat should be limited and kept for a treat for now and then, rather than a regular part of your diet.

Eating to improve your mood

Your diet could help to determine your mood and outlook, with a healthier diet being linked to improved mental health. It’s important that you consume adequate levels of potassium (found in tomatoes and mushrooms among other sources) and omega-3s which can help brain function and boost concentration. It’s also essential that you drink the right amount of water. Being dehydrated affects your mood, causes headaches and makes you feel tired – things can easily be resolved by drinking at least two litres of water a day.

Healthy eating will benefit you in numerous ways, and it’s never too late to start. Take a look at the NHS Choices’ guide to eating a balanced diet and start living a healthier lifestyle today.