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British Sandwich Week – 9 Healthy Sandwich Options

This week marks British Sandwich Week, a time to celebrate the classic British sandwich. A staple for many, it’s safe to say that Britain is a nation of sandwich lovers!

While we all love a good sandwich now and then, they aren’t always the healthiest choice – especially those sold on the high street. To help celebrate British Sandwich Week, we’ve put together some excellent healthy sandwich options so that you can join in the fun while keeping an eye on your waistline.

9 Healthy Sandwich Options

1. Make them yourself

One of the best ways to enjoy a healthier sandwich is to make it yourself. Every now and then, research is released stating the best and worst sandwiches on the high street, leading to some shocking figures about the salt and sugar content of these foods. When you make your own sandwiches, you can track exactly what goes into them to make sure they’re as healthy as possible.

2. Opt for a single slice

Bread is seen as an essential part of a sandwich, but it’s not the best for your diet – especially if you opt for white bread. Why not halve the calorie content of your sandwich by sticking to a single slice, folded in half instead. You can have your sandwich with a salad or some soup to give you a healthier lunch option that won’t leave you feeling bloated afterwards.

3. Try chicken sausage for an alternative breakfast option

Love a sausage sandwich in the morning? You’re not alone. A sausage sandwich might be tasty, but it can be packed with fat and calories, getting your morning off to a poor start. Chicken sausages are becoming much more popular in UK supermarkets, and are a much leaner meat option that is high in protein – full of great flavour. If you bake them instead of fry them, they’ll be a much less greasier option too!

4. Choose leaner fillings

Sandwich fillings, especially ready-made ones, can be high in fat and salt. However, if you make your own fillings, you can make healthier choices which will allow you to enjoy your sandwich guilt-free. Some good ideas for healthy sandwich fillings include smoked salmon and light spring cheese, turkey club, roasted vegetables and hummus and a classic peanut butter and banana sandwich. Even if you make fillings like chicken or tuna mayo yourself, you can choose a lighter mayonnaise or a yoghurt-based dressing to make it lighter than a shop-bought variety.

5. Turn your sandwich into a lettuce bowl

There are plenty of great alternatives to bread for healthy sandwich options. For example, lettuce boats are becoming a great way to enjoy tasty fillings without the calorie content of bread, and are great for low-carbohydrate diets.

6. Wrap it up

Wraps are a fun and easy way to enjoy a sandwich, and is something that kids will love too. Buy some wholewheat tortillas and use with your favourite sandwich fillings for a tasty lunch.

7. Skip the butter

Butter, and even low-fat margarine can add to your day’s calorie and salt content, without you even realising. Try skipping the butter and see how much difference it makes to your sandwich.

8. Explore different breads

White bread might be a classic choice for your sandwich, but it is the one that’s been the most processed, and lacks fibre content. Alternatives to white bread such as wholewheat, seeded and rye offer more nutritional value than white bread, while also giving your sandwich more flavour. Bagels are another good alternative to typical white bread – they’re low in fat and come in different flavours to enjoy according to your tastes.

9. Skip the cheese

Cheese makes a tasty addition to your sandwich, but it can be high in fat. Keep your sandwich lean by saying no to the cheese or switch to a lighter option instead.

A balanced diet is an important part of self-care. Eating a varied lunch will mean that you can adopt healthier eating habits while still enjoying your favourite sandwich from time to time. Find out more about some healthy lunch options on the NHS Choices website and enjoy healthier eating today.