Morning health

Morning health: 5 Ways to Make The Best Start To Your Day

Are you a morning person? Many of us love to sleep in, but it seems doing so could be damaging our health. A recent study has shown that people who go to bed late and struggle to get up in the morning are at risk of premature death, and could be more likely to suffer from health conditions.

Making the most of your mornings can help boost your health, allowing you to find ways to exercise and make the most of your mornings. Take a look at some of the ways you can make the best start to your day, by starting a morning health routine.

1. Benefit from morning exercise

If you’re the type of person who says they have no time for exercise, then perhaps it’s time to get up earlier. The recommended physical activity guidelines for adults state that we should complete 150 minutes of exercise a week, which can be broken down into 5 x 30 minute sessions a week. By getting up just half an hour earlier in the mornings, you can fit in some beneficial exercise that will boost your health and help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Some of the benefits of a morning health routine include kick-starting your metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day, while also helping you to sleep better at night. That early morning session will leave you feeling healthier, so that you’re more likely to stick to healthy eating throughout the day.

2. Prepare your food for the day

If you wish that you had more time to prepare healthy meals, then taking some time in the mornings to get your food ready can help you stick to a healthy eating plan. Start by making yourself a good breakfast – egg dishes and fruit are perfect for mornings, helping you feel fuller until lunchtime. Meanwhile, making yourself a healthy lunch instead of relying on convenience food and prepping your vegetables and other ingredients ready for your dinner can save you time later on when you’re tired and just want to relax.

3. Stay away from technology for better morning health

While getting up earlier sounds like the perfect opportunity to get ahead of your emails and start completing tasks, it isn’t necessary. Using your mornings to do something relaxing, rather than adding to your working day will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for work instead of worrying about tasks before you’ve even got there. Sitting outside on a sunny morning or relaxing with a tea or coffee to help you wake up in a calm and relaxed way can do wonders for your state of mind and morning health.

4. Walk or cycle to work

With the extra time you’ve found in the mornings, why not consider ditching the car and either walking or cycling to work? Having some extra time to prepare will make it much easier for you to fit in, and if you do this a couple of times a week, you’ll get all the exercise you need. Walking or cycling offers many benefits over being stuck in traffic, and can help the environment too.

5. Get organised

Use your extra time in the mornings to get organised. Whether you write a to-do list of things that need completing throughout the day or you look to the week ahead, some extra productivity in the mornings is no bad thing. Tick things off your list that you wouldn’t normally have time for and look forward to more productive mornings.

While a lie-in now and then can be important, particularly if you’ve been sleeping poorly – sleeping in too often could be damaging to your health. If you’re struggling to sleep at night and it’s starting to affect you either mentally or physically, then you might want to consult your GP to help you tackle it. NHS Choices has some excellent resources to help you get a better night’s sleep so that you can improve your morning health routine.