men's health week

National Men’s Health Week | 15th-21st June 2015

In the UK, one man in five dies before he reaches 65”

Men’s Health Forum


Too many men die young in the UK from preventable health problems. Experts attribute that fact to unhealthy lifestyles and a reluctance to take regular health checks.


Men are often too shy or self-conscious when it comes to visiting a GP or talking about their health problems. In many cases, though, early detection can be vital in the treatment of serious conditions. Indeed, according to experts, men are less likely to lead a healthy lifestyle in general.


Well, between 15th and 21st June 2015, National Men’s Health Week will raise awareness of preventable health conditions and encourage early detection and treatment of conditions in men and boys, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle.


What Is It?


“Men are less likely to lead a healthy lifestyle”

Men’s Health Forum


Organised by Men’s Health Forum (MHF), an independent charity that aims to help with health issues affecting men and boys, this year’s Men’s Health Week will focus on ‘Healthy Living for Men’. According to experts at the MHF, men are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol excessively or be overweight.  They have a 37% higher risk of dying from cancer and 67% are overweight or obese.


Between 15th and 21st June this year, Men’s Health Week will challenge them to drink sensibly, quit smoking, be active, watch their weight, look after relationships and their own wellbeing and attend regular NHS health checks.


What Can I Do?


Throughout Men’s Health Week, Men’s Health Forum will be holding a number of events that you can get involved in. Sign up to National Men’s Health Week here, to receive news and events information in the lead up to the 15th June. The MHF have also published a series of helpful publications for men, from the ‘Man Manual’ to the ‘Man Sexual Health Manual.’


It’s also important to remember that men’s health is not just a problem for men. Support from wives, girlfriends, mothers, brothers, daughters, friends and colleagues is vital.


“Recognising and preventing men’s health problems is not just a man’s issue. Because of its impact on wives, mothers, daughters and sisters, men’s health is truly a family issue”


Congressman Bill Richardson


When was the last time you had a full MOT? Early detection and treatment makes a huge difference to the outcome of serious illnesses and conditions. The NHS offers free mid-life health checks for men aged 40-74, which can spot upcoming heart disease, kidney problems, stroke and diabetes, among other health problems. To find out where you can take your free ‘Man MOT’ online, click here.


Most important of all, though, is to look after yourself as best you can by leading a healthy lifestyle.