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#NationalPicnicWeek: Healthy Picnics

“Every year, the National Picnic Week campaign aims to encourage children and adults alike to embrace healthy eating while still enjoying a picnic!”


National Picnic Week, the campaign that encourages all of us to come together over a picnic, is now upon us. As well as celebrating al fresco dining and making the most of our open spaces, National Picnic Week also aims to encourage healthy picnics. This year they have launched a “Love Your Greens” campaign, which offers lots of tips and recipes on making the most of vegetables and turning them into delicious snacks that can be enjoyed on a picnic.


So rather than packing up your staple cheese or ham sandwiches, why not check out some of celebrity chef Aaron Craze’s recipes and opt for something completely different instead? As well as adding a bit more pizazz to your picnic basket, you’ll also be packing in far more vegetable vitamins and nutrients.


Incorporating vegetables as part of a picnic is a great way to get your children eating, and more importantly, enjoying vegetables. Those of you who read our blog regularly may have seen the article we recently wrote on medical experts growing concerns over childhood obesity. Campaigns such as National Picnic Week is a great way to address this and encourage children to choose vegetables as opposed to processed and pre-packaged foods.


If you are planning to head out on a picnic, make sure you remember to pack adequate sun protection too, including sun cream, sun hats and sunglasses. If you think you’re going to be staying on into the evening, it’s a good idea to take some insect repellent with you too. And of course, remember to take plenty of water, especially if you’ve got children who will be spending most of their time running around!


If you’ve got your own repertoire of vegetable picnic snacks, why not share them with others on social media? Use the hashtag #NationalPicnicWeek and #LoveYourGreens.


National Picnic Week began last weekend and runs until the end of the summer solstice on Sunday 21st June.