NHS at 70

The NHS At 70 – The Statistics

The NHS is 70! Over the past month, people all over the country have been celebrating its legacy and achievements by sharing their stories on how the National Health Service has played an important part of their lives over the past seven decades. Alongside people’s stories, some fascinating facts about our national health service have emerged, which really makes you realise what takes place around the country every day.

Helping people day in, day out

Firstly, the NHS helps thousands of people every day. There are more than 12,000 appointments made every hour and over 3,000 visits to A&E. We recently wrote about A&E and the Under 30s, with statistics showing that many of these cases could be avoided. Better self-care can help cut the number of unnecessary visits to hospitals and GP surgeries, keeping waiting rooms free for those in need. With more than 2,000 operations and procedures carried out every hour, it’s safe to say our medical services are very well used.

Most commonly treated conditions

The most common medical procedures in England include cataract removal, tooth extraction and hip replacements. Some of these procedures could be avoided through improved self-care, through living a healthier lifestyle by eating a good diet, exercising effective oral hygiene and keeping fit.

Delivering new life every single day

Each day, over 2,000 babies are born in the UK, which equals 85 born every hour. Maternity care doesn’t just end after a baby is born, as the NHS offers all sorts of aftercare to ensure that mum and baby are settling into their new life. Midwives are an important part of NHS staff, with many midwife-led maternity hospitals all over the UK.

Behind the scenes of busy hospital wards

How many items of laundry are washed every day from hospitals and health staff? More than 1.5 million! In addition to this, 400,000 meals are served in hospitals, which couldn’t happen without the hard work of our NHS colleagues.

More than 1.5 million staff

The NHS at 70 has more than 1.5 million staff, working across various areas. In England, there are 1.4 million staff alone, making the NHS the UK’s largest employer. Staff work around the clock to deliver health services, including out of hours primary care services like ours.

Celebrating the NHS at 70

There are many ways you can help the NHS at 70 and celebrate this fantastic institution. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Giving blood to help reach the 6,000 donations that are needed everyday.
  • Pledge to use the NHS more wisely to help cut the cost and impact of the 12 million GP appointments that are missed every year.
  • Become a volunteer
  • Work for the NHS
  • Take better care of yourself through self-care

There’s a lot that you can do to ensure a better health service, and it all begins with taking better care of yourself. We’ve got some great articles on self-care for the middle-agedadopting better self-care habits and self-care basics. Make the most of services like your local pharmacy to help you treat non-urgent or life-threatening illnesses and injuries at home to free up waiting rooms for those with urgent care needs.

Happy birthday to the NHS, here’s to another 70 wonderful years!