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Has No Smoking Day Inspired You To Become A “ProudQuitter?”

Yesterday, we pledged our allegiance to the British Heart Foundation’s National No Smoking Day, which takes place every year to help smokers all over the country get on the path to quitting.


The National No Smoking Day website has a number of stories and experiences told by those who have struggled to give up smoking and succeeded. Their stories are inspiring and motivational, with each person having their own personal reason for wanting to quit and get on the path to becoming healthier.


If you want to quit, but feel you lack the support or willpower, visit the site and read the stories of others. Chances are you will come across another person who has been through the same struggles you are experiencing. Perhaps you’re thinking about becoming a parent and want to set a good example, or maybe you’re just sick of the ill effects smoking has on your appearance – the No Smoking Day campaign makes all the advice, support and resources you need readily available.


If you’ve got this far through the article, it’s clear you’re keen to become a ProudQuitter or perhaps know someone who is. It’s also clear that you’ll know how damaging the effects of smoking can be on your health and those around you. But perhaps, what isn’t quite so clear is how difficult it can be to stop smoking. We know it’s an addictive habit that some people have had since childhood and can be very hard to kick for good. This is one of the key elements of the No Smoking Day campaign and one of the primary reasons they make so many resources available to help keep you on track including:


  • Local Support Services, helping you to connect with those nearby who have been in your position and are best placed to help.
  • An online forum – enabling you to talk to others, no matter where they are so you can find those who can best relate to your own individual circumstances.
  • Events in your area – go along, meet others and work together to quit.


Further help and information on stopping smoking, including prescription drugs and nicotine replacement therapy is available here.


Good luck!