obesity awareness week

Obesity Awareness Week

Whilst many of us will have already started our New Year resolutions to lose weight, this week (11-17th January), there are much bigger plans to tackle the growing issue of obesity. Obesity Awareness Week, lead by the National Obesity Forum and other bodies, aims to improve the nation’s health through encouraging healthy eating and exercise to help us tackle obesity. Do your bit to boost your own health, and those around you and ‘do something good for you’ this January, and for the rest of this year.


A critical issue for the UK

The link between obesity and ill health has long been known, with new findings being regularly released about the latest obesity health risks. Cancer Research UK has revealed that as obesity levels increase, more than 670,000 additional cases of cancer in the UK could be a reality by 2020, and by 2035, nearly three in four adults will be classed as overweight or obese.

The publication of the latest research comes at a good time, as Obesity Awareness Week kicks off. The campaign aims to tackle the growing problem of obesity in the UK, asking people to do their part to form their own New Year’s resolution to change their ways. With suggestions such as cutting down on sugary snacks, cooking healthier dishes and getting more active, everyone can do their bit to cut down on obesity, and safeguard their future health.


About the campaign

This year’s campaign – JanUary, is not only asking people to think about obesity, but do something about it too. Small lifestyle changes are easy to manage and can make a big difference to our long-term health. Obesity not only affects our personal health, but puts increasing pressure on our NHS services, which is why it’s important that everyone does what they can. JanUary provides a great opportunity for us to all make a change to our habits, with the hope that we’ll keep it up for life.


Getting involved

There are many ways to get involved in JanUary, but the most crucial is that you pledge to make a change. You can do this by using the hashtags #HealthyJanUary and #dosomethinggoodforU to show that you’re making a change. Other ideas include:

Joining the Thunderclap

The Thunderclap aims to shout about JanUary through people sharing their pledges across Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. The messages will be released at 6pm on January 13th, in a bid to get the campaign trending.

Reducing your sugar intake

Making simple changes to your diet can dramatically reduce your sugar intake, and chances are, you won’t even notice! Giving up sugar in your tea or pledging to drink less sugary drinks will make a huge difference, whilst a bit of home cooking will ensure you leave out the added sugars which feature in so many processed foods.

Joining a special event

There are a plethora of Obesity Awareness Week events taking place all over the UK. Find your nearest one here and if there aren’t any close by, why not start your own?

Encouraging those around you to join in

You can help encourage others to participate in Obesity Awareness Week by bringing in healthy treats to work or school, organising a fitness class or running group and by displaying promotional materials. There are plenty of great ideas available on the JanUary website to help you get started.

Whilst the battle to tackle obesity looks set to be a long one, by starting now you can be sure to do your bit. For more information on healthy eating, why not check out the NHS’s Healthy Eating Plan and see if you can shed the pounds over the coming months.