Brantsbridge Primary Care Centre

Patient Survey Results – Brantsbridge Primary Care Centre


Patients of Brantsbridge Primary Care Centre were recently asked to complete an independently carried out survey on the quality of care they have received with us.

This has provided an invaluable insight into what we are getting right and where we need to improve to ensure we are continuing to offer an ever better service to our patients.

The overall results are very positive, suggesting the overwhelming majority of patients are happy with the quality of care they receive from Brantsbridge Primary Care Centre. More detail about the results can be found in the following sections.


Quality of service

“Excellent service, very reassuring to have it locally. “

Every respondent to the survey felt the service they received was either good, very good or excellent. 82.2% calling it “excellent”, 14.8% called it “very good” and 3.0% called it “good”.

“A brilliant service all round.”

Waiting times

Over two-thirds (67.4%) of patients were seen by a GP within 10 minutes of arriving at the centre. A further 29.6% were seen within 30 minutes, so overall 97.0% of patients saw a GP within half an hour of arriving. Only one of the 141 patients surveyed had to wait more than an hour for an appointment.

This puts us ahead of average waiting times for NHS England, with 64.6% of patients seen by GPs for NHS England having to wait 15 minutes or less once they arrive for their appointment.



“Dr Helen explained my child’s condition very well! My child and I felt instantly better. Many thanks to the doctor! Great work!!”

Every patient surveyed was happy with the explanation given by their GP for their condition and any required treatment, barring one respondent who felt they did not need an explanation.

“Excellent communication, good signs to show where to go, friendly smile on arrival Thank you!”

95.6% of patients felt they fully understood their GP’s explanation, while 3.8% felt they understood to some extent. This result is very encouraging, although we will be looking at ways to ensure all patients are confident they fully understand their condition and treatment going forward.


Would patients recommend Brantsbridge Primary Care Centre?

“Very friendly & efficient at every step.”

Every patient who responded to this question said they would recommend Brantsbridge Primary Care Centre to friends, family and people they know, which is a fantastic vote of confidence!

“Always a brilliant place, staff are always fantastic.”


Brantsbridge Primary Care Centre Out of Hours Primary Care

East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours provides out of hours GP services for Brantsbridge Primary Care Centre. Our goal is to make it easier for patients to see a GP around normal work hours and other commitments.

Brantsbridge Primary Care Centre is just one of the locations in East Berkshire where we offer out of hours primary care, providing an increasingly popular way for patients to see GPs flexibly at their convenience.

To find out more about the out of hours options we offer, please take a look at our website. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook page to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and information about East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours.