Herschel Medical Centre Patient Survey Results

Patient Survey Results – Herschel Medical Centre


We recently commissioned an independent survey of Herschel Medical Centre’s patients to find out more about what we are doing right and where we need to improve in the service we offer to our patients.

The results are in and overall paint a very positive picture, with very strong results for patient satisfaction and waiting times. Below is a breakdown of some of our key findings.


Quality of service

“The service from start to end was excellent. Good staff and an excellent doctor.”

97.9% of patients surveyed said the service they received was either good, very good or excellent, with 53.5% choosing “excellent”. Three people rated the service as fair and one patient rated it poor, while 31 patients gave no response. The patient who rated the service as poor cited the waiting time as their reason.


Waiting times

61.8% of patients were seen within 10 minutes of arriving at the centre and a further 29.6% were seen within 30 minutes, meaning in total 92% of patients were seen by a GP within half an hour of arriving. Out of the 248 patients surveyed, only 2 had to wait for over an hour to be seen.

On average, 64.6% of patients seen by GPs for NHS England wait 15 minutes or less once arriving for their appointment, meaning our results are broadly in line with national results.



“My doctor was very understanding & patient. She provided excellent advice and guidance to put my mind at ease.”

Every patient surveyed said that they were happy with the way their condition and any required treatment was explained to them, with the exception of two patients who said they did not need their condition explained.

“An excellent service. The Doctor was first class. Explained details of problem and answered all questions. Advise and given prescription.”

88.0% of patients said they fully understood their GP’s explanation and 11.1% felt they did to some extent. This is a good result, but still suggests some room for improvement to make sure all patients feel they fully understand their condition and treatment. This is something we will be addressing going forward.


Would patients recommend Herschel Medical Centre?

“It was quick, easy and without stress”

98.2% of patients surveyed said they would be happy for friends, family and people they know to attend this primary care centre. Only four patients said they would not be happy for friends, family and people they know to use the centre, while 31 people gave no response.

“Excellent after hours care! Thank you.”


Herschel Medical Centre Out of Hours Primary Care

Out of Hours GP services at Herschel Medical Centre are provided by East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours. We know how difficult it can be to fit seeing a GP around your normal work hours and other commitments. Our out of hours service, at Herschel Medical Centre and other locations through East Berkshire, offers an increasingly popular way for patients to see a GP when they need to, giving you more flexibility with your health care.

To find out more about the out of hours options we offer, please take a look at our website. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook page to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and information about East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours Services.