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Patient Survey Results – St Marks Primary Care Centre


Recently we commissioned an independent survey of our patients to see how they rated the out of hours service at St Marks Primary Care Centre.

The results offer a fantastic insight into where we are doing well and where we need to improve to make sure we continue to offer our patients the best service we possibly can.

Overall, the patients’ responses were very encouraging, showing strong results in key areas which indicate we are offering a good quality service at St Marks Primary Care Centre. See the various sections below for more specific information on the different areas covered by the survey.


Quality of service

“The receptionist was extremely polite & helpful as was the doctor a very speedy service, greatly appreciated!”

The service offered by St Marks Primary Care Centre was rated good, very good or excellent by 97.7% of respondents. 66.0% called it “excellent”, 22.8% called it “very good” and 8.9% called it “good”.

“Excellent advice. Great to have an evening appointment. Great all round service.”


Waiting times

72.0% of patients were seen by a GP within 10 minutes of arriving at the centre for their appointment. 21.4% were seen within 30 minutes, meaning in total 93.4% of patients were seen by a GP within half an hour of arriving. Of the 372 patients surveyed, only 4 had to wait more than 2 hours to be seen, while 9 had to wait over an hour.

Average wait times for NHS England see 64.6% of patients seen by a GP in 15 minutes or less, meaning we are well ahead of the curve for primary care centres in England.



“Dr was reassuring and spoke clear English which was very helpful.”

The overwhelming majority of patients felt their condition and treatment was explained well or did not require explanation. 84.4% felt they definitely understood, while 10.9% said they understood to some extent. 4.1% said they did not require an explanation, but two patients felt they did need an explanation that was not given.

While these results are very positive overall, we will be looking at ways to make sure all patients fully understand their condition and required treatment and that nobody leaves feeling they are lacking an adequate explanation.


Would patients recommend St Marks Primary Care Centre?

“I would like to say “Thank you” for being treated professionally and with respect.”

98.3% of patients said they would recommend St Marks Primary Care Centre to friends, family and people they know. Only six respondents said they would not be happy to recommend the service. This is a very strong result, although we aim to address any issues which might cause people not to recommend the service going forward.

“This service is very helpful especially for full-time working people who need help when GP is fully booked for weeks.”


St Marks Primary Care Centre Out of Hours Primary Care

Out of hours GP services for St Marks Primary Care Centre are provided by East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours. The goal of these out of hours services is to offer patients a flexible, convenient way to see a doctor at a time that suits them, outside of standard work hours.

As well as St Marks Primary Care Centre, we also provide out of hours GP services at a number of other medical centres through East Berkshire. This helps to provide the best possible coverage in response to the growing popularity amongst patients of out of hours GP appointments.

To find out more about the out of hours options we offer, please take a look at our website. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook page to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and information about East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours.