Staying Healthy At Summer Festivals

Staying Healthy At Summer Festivals

The school holidays have started and now the summer fun can really begin. From holidays abroad to days out at the beach – there’s a lot to look forward to. Each year hundreds of thousands of music fans will descend on festivals for jam-packed weekends of music, dancing and fun in the sun. Music festivals are a great way to spend the summer, but in an environment where drinking, too much sun and not enough sleep are likely – they might not be the best for your health. Stay safe and have fun by adopting a few self-care tips to keep you healthy at summer festivals.

Get your bearings and find out where help is available

Before the fun starts, make sure you familiarise yourself with the site and work out where the toilets are, where to get medical help, and so on. Make sure that you know the nearest points to get water as well so that you can stay hydrated throughout the festival.

Pack some healthy snacks

Festivals are packed with food trucks, offering fast and often unhealthy food. To help make sure you eat some healthier foods throughout the festival – pack things that won’t perish such as nuts, dried fruit and even cereal and protein bars. They’re great for carrying around with you, as well as keeping them back in your tent. If you decide to bring a cooler with you, you could also pack fresh fruit with you. If this isn’t possible, try and find a smoothie bar to help you get your morning vitamin intake to help you recover from the night before.

Stay hydrated to help with staying healthy at summer festivals

Staying hydrated is important at a festival. Not only will you be likely to drink a lot of alcohol, but you might be dealing with warm temperatures. Combined with all that dancing, you’ll risk dehydration if you don’t drink enough water. Drink regularly throughout the day, and try to have some soft drinks instead of alcohol each time you drink. Ensure that there is plenty of water back at the campsite for you to drink before bed and in the morning.

Wear sun protection

It’s easy to forgo sun protection at a festival. However, not wearing it could give you sunburn – something that will make for a very uncomfortable nights’ sleep. Try to cover up in light layers when the sun is at its strongest, and use sun cream to protect your face and body. Reapply regularly throughout the day as you could lose protection due to sweat or rain.

Make your toilet experience more sanitary

Festival toilets are notorious for their lack of hygiene. Unless you plan on bringing your own personal toilet with you, you’re going to have to make your own experience more sanitary. Start by carrying some toilet roll around with you, just in case there’s nothing available in the portaloos. Wipes and antibacterial hand gel are also worth carrying around with you, for hygiene purposes.

Protect your eyes and ears

Music festivals are a very sensory experience, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your senses from damage. If you’re particularly close to the music or you have sensitive hearing, wear ear plugs to prevent problems with your hearing. Wearing sunglasses with SPF protection can also help to protect your eyesight and stop them suffering the effects of sun damage. Why not consider prescription sunglasses to help you see better at a distance if you normally wear spectacles or contact lenses?

A festival is a great excuse to have fun, but it’s important that you also practice staying healthy at summer festivals. Take care of yourself, hydrate and make sure you eat throughout the weekend to have the best experience possible. Remember if you have an accident or become ill, seek out the medical teams. If in doubt, call 111 and they’ll be able to help you, or direct you to your nearest out of hours services.