Staying safe on NYE

Staying Safe On NYE – Are You Prepared?

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year. Whether you’re visiting friends, heading out for dinner or spending a night on the town – it’s important that you put staying safe on NYE first. With the NHS already experiencing overcrowding this winter you can help by looking after your health and safety and staying out of A&E. Celebrate the new year in style and safety for a great start to 2019.

Leave your car at home

Many people like to have a drink or two to toast the new year on NYE, but drinking and driving can end the year on a tragic note. Drink driving is illegal, and not only puts you at risk of an accident, but others too. Familiarise yourself with the legal alcohol limit to ensure you know how much is acceptable. The safest thing to do, however, is to leave the car at home to help you avoid temptation altogether.

Even driving the morning after can be dangerous. Read up on driving the morning after to make sure you don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Drink responsibly to stay safe on NYE

You can enjoy a drink on NYE, but drinking too much can be bad for your health. Bookmark a drinks unit calculator to help you track what you’re drinking and to help you stay within a safe limit. Try not to make alcohol the focus of your evening and focus on spending time with the people you care about instead.

Keep an eye on your drink at all times

If you’re at a party or in a bar, remember to keep an eye on your drink at all times. Spiking is still a concern, especially on NYE so keep your drink on you at all times and don’t accept drinks from strangers. If you suspect that someone has spiked your drink, alert the bouncers or staff and get to a safe space.

Staying safe on NYE in the cold

It’s important to wrap up warm on NYE, especially if you plan on walking or being outside. Alcohol can trick your body into thinking that it’s warmer than it really is, so always dress for the time of year, even if you feel warm. Never walk alone in the dark or under the influence of alcohol and try to plan your route home in advance. Pre-booking a taxi could help you avoid being stuck without transport on NYE.

Behave sensibly

Drinking can lower your inhibitions and make you feel more confident and more aggressive, which can mean you take risks that you normally wouldn’t take. Avoid a trip to A&E by behaving sensibly on NYE, avoiding getting into fights and attempting things that could easily lead to an accident.

Remember to eat

Drinking on an empty stomach isn’t a good idea. Eating a good meal before drinking will help alcohol to stay in your stomach for longer, before it is absorbed into the body through the small intestine. This means that the effects of drinking will be felt more slowly, avoiding many of the problems that come with drinking too quickly.

Staying safe on NYE isn’t just important for your own health and safety, but that of others too. By avoiding A&E, you can leave emergency healthcare for those with urgent need and help ease some of the pressure on the NHS this winter. Remember that our out of hours services are available if you need help on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Call 111 for assistance and to be directed to your nearest out of hours treatment centre.