Summer activities

Summer Activities To Burn The Calories – Getting Fit In The Sun


Summer is usually the time that triggers something in us to lose weight. The pressure of holidays, flashing the flesh and feeling uncomfortable in the summer heat may not sound like much in the grand scheme of things, but they are good motivators for helping you to lose weight and get fit during the summer months. Burning calories doesn’t have to be a chore, and there are some fun summer activities in East Berkshire you can get involved in that won’t involve slogging it out in the gym.


Losing weight for self care

Being overweight or obese can have a significant impact on your health. Obesity can lead to heart disease, liver problems, cancer and more which can decrease your life expectancy and lead to endless medical appointments and hospital visits. In the summer particularly, you may feel the effects of being overweight, by feeling hot and dehydrated, suffering from chaffing as well as a lack of energy. With longer days and warmer temperatures, there’s no better excuse for getting active to burn some calories, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with summer activities.


General summer activities for getting fit

There are many things you can do to get fit whilst the weather is nice as a way to get outdoors and ensure exercise doesn’t feel like a chore. Some great picks suitable for all fitness levels include:

  • Walking – an easy exercise which can build up fitness without exhausting yourself, you can walk anywhere at any time. Park walks are particularly enjoyable during the summer and in East Berkshire, we’re blessed with some of the best. Bucklebury Farm, Westmorland Park and Pope’s Meadow are excellent choices – with wildlife, beautiful scenery and activities for children to make a summer stroll a walk in the park.
  • Swimming – when the weather gets hot, a dip in the pool can be just what you need to cool off. Swimming is an effective exercise which targets all muscle groups, is easy on your joints and great for those who haven’t exercised in a while. Bracknell Leisure Centre has an excellent swimming pool and Coral Reef Water World, which will be open again this summer for a fun, water-filled day out for all the family.


Summer activities in East Berkshire

If you’re looking to burn calories through fun-filled activities in East Berkshire, then the following will certainly fit the bill:

  • Extreme Motion (Windsor) – put a step tracker on and see just how many miles you walk after an exciting day at Extreme Motion. There’s crazy golf, bungee trampolining, cycle hire and other activities the whole family will enjoy, without even realising you’re being active!
  • Take on a challenge! There are really exciting challenges taking place all over Berkshire and the surrounding area over the summer months. These include the Eton Swim (24th June), Beat the Boat (25th June) and Pretty Muddy Race for Life (15th July). You can get a detailed breakdown of all upcoming summer events at FindaRace – sign up with friends and enjoy the thrill of a summer challenge.
  • Try a bootcamp! Outdoor bootcamps are particularly popular during the summer months, and whilst they may sound tough, they’re an excellent way to boost your fitness and have fun whilst burning calories.

Taking the first step towards losing weight is important, and you’ll find a number of excellent resources to help you. The NHS Choices site has a fantastic guide to help you at the beginning of your weight loss journey, as well as some advice on exercises to help you get started with fitness.

Whatever your goal or motivation, keeping fit is an important part of self-care and with a bit of effort this summer, you can make the most of the sunshine and shed some pounds too! For more information on staying fit, check out the Bracknell Forest self-care guide.