everyday calorie burners

How To Turn Everyday Tasks Into A Chance For Exercise

It’s easy to complain about not having the time to exercise. While you may not be able to spare two hours a day to go to the gym, there are some things you can do throughout the day to help you burn some extra calories. You’d be surprised at how quick you can get your heart pumping and help look after your heart health with some everyday tasks.

Everyday calorie burners

Show off your multi-tasking skills by using the time spent completing basic tasks to do some exercise too. Some simple things you can do to burn some extra calories include:

Brushing your teeth

Use the time spent brushing your teeth in the morning and evening to get in some extra steps. You could put a step in your bathroom, or even try standing on one foot and alternating every minute. If you’re feeling particularly energetic, use the time to complete some squats instead. This will certainly wake you up in the morning!

Cleaning the house

Cleaning the house is a pretty good way to get your heart pumping anyway, especially if you put a bit of elbow grease into it. It’s an easy everyday calorie burner that can help you get a small workout in. You can make your chores more energetic using some fast-paced music as your soundtrack and making the effort to move around more as you clean. If you want to make things more challenging, you could always add some wrist or ankle weights to help your muscles work harder. Regular cleaning burns hundreds of calories an hour, so imagine how much you could burn if you maximised your efforts.


Gardening is a great way to burn calories, as well as get some much needed vitamin D – particularly in winter. Getting out in the garden to take care of chores such as weeding, planting, mowing and watering the lawn could burn up to 347 calories in a 150-lb person over the course of an hour. Focus on lifting some of the heavier items in your garden to help you tone your muscles without having to lift weights in the gym.

Washing the car

While it might be easier to take your vehicle to a car wash, your health will feel the benefits if you do it yourself. An hour of cleaning the car could burn over 300 calories, so it’s a great way to get your heart rate going through a job that needs doing. It’s a great excuse for exercise, so perhaps you’ll feel more inclined to clean your car regularly from now on!

Doing the grocery shop

Set yourself a step challenge for your weekly grocery shop. An hour walking around the supermarket could easily help you manage up to 5,000 steps – which would be half of your daily recommended step count. Make it your mission to increase on last week’s step count – a few extra laps across the shop will be a great idea to help you make the most of your time. The fuller the trolley – the harder your arms and legs will need to work!

Activity guidelines for adults

To stay fit and healthy, it’s recommended that adults complete 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week. This can include walking, cycling, running and other exercises. You should also aim to complete strength-based exercises at least twice a week. You could fulfil much of this by completing exercise at home, and getting your heart rate up. A fitness tracker is a great way to track your activity and monitor your progress.

Remember to stay safe while exercising and carrying out chores at home. If you injure yourself or become unwell, remember that our out of hours services are here to provide you with urgent care and treatment if your doctor’s surgery is closed. Enjoy finding simple ways of turning everyday tasks into exercise for a fitter and healthier you.