phone and health

Using your phone to keep track of your health


Mobile phones have quickly become a way of life. These days it’s unusual to leave the house without one, while they’re becoming even more effective for saving time or managing our lives. Love them or loathe them, mobile phones are extremely useful for keeping track of your health. In many ways, your phone and health can go hand in hand with just a bit of know-how. Below are just some of the ways you can use your mobile phone to keep better track of your health.

Manage your medication through reminders

Phone reminders can be a great way to help you remember to take your medication, especially if you need to take it at the same time every day. Whether you’re taking contraception or medication for your health – phone reminders can be useful for reminding you what to take, how much and when to help you stay on track. A good tip is to set your reminders as soon as you receive your medication and copy instructions from the bottle – in case you ever forget or are unsure of how much to take. Meanwhile, set reminders in your phone for when it’s time to renew your prescription to ensure that you don’t fall behind.

Schedule your appointments for your check-ups

When you lead a busy life, keeping on top of things like doctor’s and dentist’s appointments can be difficult. Adding them to your phone calendar is one way to help you keep track. Setting a reminder a week and a day before your appointment can make it easier for you to schedule your day, as well as give you time to cancel appointments if necessary.

Making the most of your phone and health apps

Downloading health and fitness apps is another useful thing you can do with your phone to help you take charge of your health. We’ve previously discussed some of the amazing health and fitness apps that are available that can help you achieve a number of goals such as weight loss, improving your fitness and how to make healthier lifestyle choices. More and more apps are being developed that can support and improve your health to ensure you’ve always got the resources you need at your fingertips. Mobile phones are compatible with fitness trackers and watches too, which can help you to measure how active you’re being, how well you’re sleeping as well as other surprising information about your health.

Provide emergency information when needed

As well as helping you to get healthier, your mobile phone can also be useful for others to give you the help you need if you were to suffer an emergency health problem. Apple iPhones all come with the Health app built-in, which you can use to provide your medical information such as your allergies, emergency contacts and known health conditions that could save your life. It may not seem like much, but having these details on you is as convenient as carrying a medical card or ID bracelet, with more and more people thinking to look for phones for information about someone during an emergency.

Find your nearest medical services

You may not always know where your nearest medical services are, especially if you’re out and about. Bookmarking the NHS Services finder app can help you to find your nearest services wherever you are in the country, so if you’re on a day out or your holidaying in another part of the UK – you can easily find the nearest emergency medical help and services such as pharmacies to help make sure you get the help you need wherever you are.

Using your phone and health apps can help you take care of your wellbeing in a number of ways and can also help you to demonstrate self-care. By staying on top of your medication and appointments, as well as tracking your weight and fitness – you’ll be doing things that will contribute to a healthy lifestyle for a happier future. Discover new ways to use your phone today that will benefit yours and your family’s health.