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5 Things You Can Visit Your Pharmacist For

You’re probably already very familiar with the services your local GP surgery or dentist can offer you, but you might not know much about the services your local pharmacy can offer. You can visit your pharmacist for a wide range of health-related advice and support, which can often save you a trip to your GP.

When you need non-urgent treatment or you don’t want to wait to get an appointment, your pharmacist is a good port of call. Not only will your pharmacist be able to provide you with advice and medication to self-treat at home, but they can also let you know when you need to get further medical treatment.

Find out more about some of the things you can visit your pharmacist for with our helpful blog article below.

1. Help with a cold

Having a cold can cause all sorts of miserable symptoms, leaving you feeling bunged up and fed up. While it’s tempting to visit your doctor, there’s not much that they can do for you. Your pharmacist will be able to make different recommendations for medication you can take to relieve your symptoms. Treating your cold at home will help you to keep waiting rooms clear for those with more serious illnesses. If your symptoms don’t improve after time, then you should visit your GP.

2. Minor skin conditions

If you suffer from conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or even athlete’s foot, visit your pharmacist to help you out. When you suffer from a skin condition, it’s worth visiting a pharmacy before booking a GP appointment. Your pharmacist will be experienced in dealing with various skin concerns, and can recommend the appropriate treatment. For ongoing treatment, where a prescription might be more appropriate, then you’ll need to consult your doctor or find out if you qualify for the NHS’ minor ailments scheme.

3. Visit your pharmacist for help to quit smoking

Are you looking to give up smoking? If you’ve tried in the past, you’ll know how difficult it can be. Your pharmacist can help you quit for good by stocking exactly what you need to quit. They will also offer you support, guidance and advice to help keep you motivated so you don’t pick up another cigarette.

4. Treatments for burns, bites and bruises

Had an accident? For minor injuries, you can get a lot of useful advice from your pharmacist who will help you with the treatment you need. Unless your injuries are serious, or you’re having a major reaction, you can help to get treatment quicker by going to your nearest pharmacy.

5. Health checks

Some pharmacies offer health checks for a range of things including chlamydia and sexual health testing, flu vaccinations, basic checks for blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes and weight management services. It’s worth exploring the services your local pharmacy can offer to see how you can improve your health without having to visit a doctor. Search for your nearest pharmacy to get further information on the services they offer.

Pharmacies offer a large range of services which can help you to treat common and minor illnesses, as well as help and advice on living a healthy lifestyle. Now that you know what’s on offer, you can visit your pharmacist for health information and treatment and save the GP surgery for when you really need it.

Remember for serious illnesses and conditions, you should make an appointment with your doctor. If you need urgent assistance out of hours, then our East Berkshire Out of Hours Services can help you to get the treatment you need.