NHS walk in centres

When to use Walk In Centres

Walk in Centres (WiCs) fall under a category that is known as “Type 3 A&E Services” in England. They are currently accessed by 7 million people a year and provide medical treatment for minor illnesses and injuries. They are not suitable for the treatment of long-term medical conditions or emergencies.

Perhaps you’ve heard about walk in centres, but aren’t sure when to use them and where your nearest one is? The below guide on when to use walk in centres outlines what you need to know.

A walk-in centre is what its name suggests – you can turn up without a prior appointment and receive treatment for a number of minor injuries and ailments, which don’t require an x-ray. These include:


·       infections and rashes
·       blood pressure checks
·       fractures and lacerations
·       emergency contraception and advice
·       stomach aches
·       vomiting and diarrhoea
·       hay fever
·       insect and animal bites
·       stitches (sutures)
·       dressing care
·       minor cuts and bruises
·       minor burns and strains
·       stop smoking support 


Although not run by EBPCOOH, there is a Walk-in Centre at Upton Hospital in Slough open 365 days a year, 7 days a week, from 8am-8pm. In periods of high demand, you may be requested to return in the morning. Alternatively, if it is felt you could or need to be treated elsewhere, you will be advised on the alternative course of treatment.


The Walk-in Centre at Upton Hospital is not able to help with:


•      Repeat prescriptions
•      Long standing/on-going medical problems
•      Chronic Disease Management
•      On-going wound care
•      Referral for speciality care


For more information, please call Upton Hospital on (01753) 635505.