who is out of hours care for?

Who Is Out Of Hours Care For?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the phrase “out of hours” but aren’t exactly sure what it means and who it applies to? Can anyone make use of the out of hours service or is it just for more urgent cases? 


These are important questions and with NHS 111 still a relatively new concept, we appreciate that for many, the question of who is out of hours care for, remains hazy. We want to clarify the the different services we offer so that you, your family and your relatives are in the best possible position to access the primary care you need.


Out of Hours Primary Care is for individuals who find themselves with a medical condition that requires either advice or a consultation with a Doctor during periods when their GP surgeries are closed.


If you feel your medical condition can wait until your surgery is open, you should try to see your own GP and make an appointment at your surgery. However, if you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you need to speak to a GP urgently and your surgery is closed at night or the weekend or bank holiday, you should ring NHS 111 and discuss your condition to see what they advise.


There are a number of potential services that you could be referred to including:


Primary Care Centres
Urgent Care Centres
Walk-in Centres
Minor Injuries Units
GP Home Visit
GP Appointment At Your Surgery


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